Lenny and the Windows Support Scam

I got a scammy call today from “Martin” from “Windows Technical Support” offering to help with my computer. Martin couldn’t tell me which computer he was calling about, so I transferred him over to my buddy Lenny. Bonus: Lenny’s ducks make an appearance just after the 6 minute mark!

Lenny is a set of fairly generic audio clips from Mango that can fit well into any conversation. When the audio files are combined with a script on the Asterisk PBX, Lenny can wait to respond until the caller stops talking, which leads to some pretty life-like results. I set up my own installation over a year ago as a birthday present to myself. It’s pretty rare for me to get calls that require his help, so I’m always excited when a new scammer tries to sell me on something.

Mango also runs a YouTube channel if you want to listen in on more of Lenny’s phone calls.

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